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University Specialist Food Safety and Quality, Master Food Engineering Tijana Dmitrovićのプロフィール写真

University Specialist Food Safety and Quality, Master Food Engineering Tijana Dmitrović University Specialist Food Safety and Quality, Master Food Engineering Tijana Dmitrović



Meet the Author

http://facebookbloggings.blogspot.hr/ Lactovo Vegetarian Health Vault Nutritional Analysis Synthesis University Specialist Food Safety and Quality, Master Food Engineering Tijana Dmitrović Martinkovec Stonery Martinkovec 21 European Union 42223 Varaždinske Toplice +385996334312 500 Fashion Avenue Fashion Garment District 10018 New York, European Union tijana39dmitrovi.europemail@ facebook.europemail@ yt.europemail@gmail.com Lactovo Vegetarian Health Vault Nutritional Analysis Synthesis was provided by Microsoft Health Vault nutritional database which contains universifiedly molded educational and nutritional data in terms of a medical, biopharmaceutical or pharmaceutical logs necessary for an individual to closely track and record daily nutritional habits. Sincerely admitting, I was quite pleasantly surprised by an amount of data available from Health Vault database and quite grumpified by factuality it was promoted by world's most unpopular carnivores such as e.g. an erased Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. I was not pompously promoting Microsoft' launch of this database because I am used to such and other, even more thoroughly developed, professional platforms which are utilised in Food Safety and Quality, as well as, Food Engineering educational and business sector I am, educationally and professionally, originating from. Due fact I am a Lactovo Vegetarian I molded trackings according to my nutritional preferences and medical conditions I am aching from at the moment. I am world's most grumpy girl and a thing which surely is not going to be happening soon, is an unsuitable cardiovascular condition of a diseased heart muscle. I am not going to be blogging about medical conditions but nutritional analysis and synthesis accordingly. That written, I am allowing myself a following nutritional self-analysis: Name Surname: Tijana Dmitrović Date Of Birth: March 6 1977 Age: 39 Continent: European Union Figure: blood type B+,skinny to anorexic,long brown hair,green eyes Analysis Period Range: 1st 1/2 January 1 2017 to January 18 2017 Analysis Dish/Meal Time Range (as calculated according to Caritas' Welfare schedule): Avrg. Brunch:08:00 a.m. Avrg. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. Avrg. Supper:18:30 p.m. -------------------------------------------------- *Average Time/Dish/Meal/Day: 12:30 p.m. If nutritioning with a dish/meal/day, it is scheduled for an intake at a lunch time 12:30 p.m. Food Type: Lactovo Vegetarian Food Sort: Fruit, Vegetables, Fish, Bread, Pastry, Yoghurt, Cheese, Wine, Water, Nescafe, Vegeta Food Preparation: Organic Fresh/Boiled Daily Nutritive Analysis January 2017/kcal: 1= 433.6; 2= 165.4; 3= 165.4; 6= 139.04; 9= 165.4; 11= 176.4; 12= 96.9; 13= 6.3; 14= 91.52; 15= 198; 16= 379; 17= 947; 18= 404; *18 Day Nutritive Analysis January 2017/kcal: 3.367,96 kcal *Anticipated Monthly January 2017 Nutritive Food Intake/kcal: 5.613,26 kcal *Average Daily January 2017 Nutritive Food Intake/kcal: 187.108 kcal Nutritional Synthesis: Purpose of afore nutritional analysis was to promote a Lactovo Vegetarian nutritional lifestyle via my educational and professional skills. This lifestyle was adopted on my behalf eight years ago. I was never a carnivore but an occasional poultry (chicken, boneless) consumer. As a Lactovo Vegetarian, I am moderately active, recreationing twice a month by swimming in a heated pool at Thermal Spa Minerva situated in Varaždinske Toplice. Henceforth, no nutritional or medical difficulties occured while transitioning to a Lactovo Vegetarian lifestyle. According to this analysis, I am a permanent borderline anorexic. Even though a recommended daily allowance for a 39 year old, moderately active, non maternal, childless female person is 1800 kcal, I am utilising, a drastically reduced energy amount as a Lactovo Vegetarian. Not to be mistaken, this lifestyle is not a reductive nutritional regimen even though it has a diuretic effect which results in rapid detoxification by water deretention. Therefore, an energetic amount, calculated in kcalories, which is absorbed from my daily or monthly Lactovo Vegetarian dish/meal is substantive in terms of providing a micro, as well as, macronutrients crucial for a proper functioning of a female biorhythm.



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