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Mary Fink



Meet the Author

Hello, my name is Mary Fink. I am from Beauharnois, Quebec. Currently I work in gaming industry. Also, I’m a student and my hobbies are programming and foreign languages. I suggest that you consult your Strategy Chart frequently and visit homepage of interesting site, both during practice sessions at home and even during live games at the casino if they permit the use of this printed data. Typically, you will find that as you continue to utilize this helpful reference you will eventually commit its' contents to memory. In the final analysis, Blackjack Strategy works in tandem with Card Counting and provides you with a more level playing field. In the long run when a player decides to HIT, STAND, SPLIT, or DOUBLE-DOWN, he-or-she is creating opportunities to maximize profits for the session. Naturally, the timing of these decisions is crucial and should always be done in accordance with widely accepted principles of Blackjack Basic Strategy. If these guidelines are always adhered to, the use of these four (4) options will greatly enhance your life as a Blackjack player for many years to come.  


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