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新しい myMoleskineへ ようこそ



新しい myMoleskineへ ようこそ









  1. Signeさんのプロフィール写真

    Hey! I brought a new moleskine today and with it was a post it – “download free contents and tools at moleskin.com/diaryaddons” and at that page it said ” Download and print a huge variety of templates, page layouts, holiday calendars, paper toys and more – for free!” I want to do that! Where do I find it?

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    1. Dirkさんのプロフィール写真


      I’ve found the templates, but how do I use a PDF to print out a URL or custom content? I’d like to print pages and glue them into my notebook.

      Could you at least provide the dimensions on each of the templates so that I could use another program to print the appropriate sized items?


  3. johnさんのプロフィール写真

    So for ten months you’ve been disappointing your clients. I came looking for the templates. Invested the time and gave you my personal information in expectation of same. Now I find I’ve been misled on an issue you’ve been aware of for almost a year. Sounds like your packaging may be fraudulent.
    Loved your product but now you’ve just wasted my time and pissed me off.
    I’m out.

  4. Billさんのプロフィール写真

    I’ve received this journal as a thank-you gift from a university to which I made a large donation. WHERE ARE THE TEMPLATES. I’m reporting you to the university which sent me this product for FRAUD. There are at least ten others listed who have the same gripe with your not very well disguised effort at marketing information which you then sell.

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