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Welcome to myMoleskine!

We are happy to introduce the new myMoleskine.
A host of nifty features and a dapper new look created with you in mind.
Feedback is welcome, write to us in the comments!

Welcome to myMoleskine!

Whether you are a long-standing community member or are signing in for the first time, we hope you will share our enthusiasm for our dapper new look, improved navigability and nifty features.

myMoleskine is a meeting place for Moleskine enthusiasts to share their Moleskine inspired creations.
Just like the pages of a Moleskine notebook, it is a blank space to use as you like and fill with ideas, words or pictures.

Since its beginning the community has multiplied and with it the number of imaginative ways in which Moleskine notebooks are transformed into artwork. Today’s platform reflects the initial spirit and also provides its members with new ways of interacting with each other, showcasing their work and sharing their creations far and beyond the boundaries of our community.

But don’t just take it from us. The only way to know for sure is to take a peek yourselves.
Feedback is welcome, write to us in the comments!

This is the section where we will post news stories and updates about myMoleskine and its members. We have lots of things to talk about, so stay tuned!


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    1. dirkvanbruggen


      I’ve found the templates, but how do I use a PDF to print out a URL or custom content? I’d like to print pages and glue them into my notebook.

      Could you at least provide the dimensions on each of the templates so that I could use another program to print the appropriate sized items?


  1. Sedartis S.

    I cannot download any templates! I clicked myself through all of them, tried everything I could, but this function doesn’t work on my MacBook, neither on Android phones, nor my tab! 🙁 Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

  2. Ed Napiorkowski

    Hi, new to Moleskine having purchased the Smart Writing set as a replacement to my Livescribe unit. Can anyone tell me if the Moleskine Evernote notebooks will work with my new Moleskine Pen+ or it is limited to only the Moleskine Paper Tablet?

  3. Daid

    veo que my moleskine, lleva inactivo mucho tiempo, pienso que deberían incentivar con concursos a los creativos para que publiquemos nuestras ilustraciones y libretas con bocetos

  4. Fjallarefur

    Just created an account to get access to the templates… but the section always says I have to login… I am logged in!
    So 5 years and you couldn’t manage to solve this problem, but still advertising with it (mainly with another link, which doesn’t exist)….?

  5. Silvia

    perché al momento della registrazione non è possibile indicare una data di nascita anteriore al 1962?
    l’eventualità di un interesse da parte di sessantenni e oltre non è previsto?

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  7. Aaron

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  8. Rose

    As a reader, I am excited to see the new look and improved features of myMoleskine. It’s great to have a meeting place where Moleskine enthusiasts can share their creations and ideas. I appreciate that the platform is designed to be a blank space, just like the pages of a Moleskine notebook, to fill with whatever inspires us. It’s also inspiring to see the community grow and witness the imaginative ways in which Moleskine notebooks are transformed into artwork.

    I agree that the platform reflects the initial spirit of the community and provides new ways for members to interact, showcase their work, and share their creations beyond the community’s boundaries. I’m excited to explore and take a peek myself. The invitation for feedback is also appreciated as it shows that the community values its members’ opinions.

    Overall, myMoleskine seems like a wonderful place to be part of for Moleskine enthusiasts. As an added point, I think it’s a great resource for students who can use Moleskine notebooks to organize their studies, and can complement it with resources like NCERT Point https://www.ncertpoint.com/ to further enhance their learning experience.

  9. techbide

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