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To ensure maximum hipster envy, please follow these steps…

Gather Necessary Supplies:

1 Adequately distressed/decorated Molskine notebook

1 Razor of any type

1 Pack of preffered rolling tobacco



Cut through 90% of the pages in as uniform a way as achievable. Leaving the pages artisically peaking through allows for that "Ironic" look that's all the rage these days. Pull out the elastic band, and tighten as cleanly as possible. For added grunge, leave a large ugly knot. Example:



Before fusing the cut pages together with adhesive, cut out the expandable pocket in back. Flip it so the expanse goes from left to right, as opposed to the original right to left. Decorate to personal preference:


Break the spine ever so gingerly where the cut pages in the back and the 15 or so pages in the front meet. Rubber cement/super glue/spray adhesive/whatever the cut pages as best you can, allow to dry. When the book is closed the pocket will lay flat against the cigarette space. the cut pages will remain in place, while all others will be able to be used independently, as if there were no change to the book until you hit page 15. 


The finished product should look like this from above:


And like this to the naked eye:


You are now done. Roll as many smokes that can fit, and hit the PBR with newfound street cred. I'm sure someone can take this to the next level, and make it look much cooler than I have. Happy Hipstering.