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I love Moleskine templates, and is great they give them for free. 


1.                  I don't like that when you print them they don't fit perfectly on page, they are smaller

2.                  You have to glue it to an entire page, and using the 12 month weekly I would only be able to paste it on the right page that is for the notes (which I use for weekly tasks)

3.                  I don't quite find the one that fits my (or my clients) needs

4.                  Let’s be honest we all love MSK for the paper, so printing templates at home will never look quite the same (paper color, thickness, acid free….)

That is why in the years I’ve come out with some template hacks 🙂

1.              I created a basic page template that fits the entire page dimension

2.              My templates have a left side of few millimeters to fold so you can glue that and not losing an entire Moleskine page

3.              With the basic page shape, I’ve created and I keep continuing to create templates to fit personal needs 

4.              I use light colored paper to print them out.

a.       This way I can match summaries with the Moleskine yearly color (this year mine is green)

b.       I’ll use different paper color to identify different templates (like template “list of books I read” is usually light blue, websites develop is light purple, and so on)

c.       This colored process help me limit the use of tabs to different needs and, also together with a simplified bullet journal technique smooths a lot, the process of completing tasks

d.        I can add as many pages I need

e.       And let’s say it: it adds the “je ne se qua” to my Moleskine! It is creative but very professional; when my clients see it they all are "I need one of those!"

Today I’m sharing the “company end of month business template”. I’m a freelance personal assistant and I manage different companies. Every end of month I need to summarize some info (based on company needs).

Let me know in the comments if you need a specific template so I can share a link 🙂





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