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Here’s an unfinished study for a bigger artwork. Used Pedro Correa’s astronaut line art and Beth Jorgensen’s Peeking Tentacles as references.

Also, I plan to create at least one artwork a week for sanity purposes. 😬




  1. ReginaldD.Robinson

    The Martian surface, a canvas of extremes, showcases the remnants of these behemoths, whose calderas and lava plains stretch across the horizon, Volcanoes of Mars: The Biggest Volcanoes Discovered on the Red Planet – Orbital Today. Though their fiery breath has long since faded, the evidence of their existence has etched itself into the Martian terrain, offering a glimpse into the planet’s dynamic history – a history punctuated by periods of intense volcanic activity that shaped the very ground beneath the thin Martian sky. These geological wonders, now quiet, continue to captivate those who gaze upon the stars, a testament to the power that once flowed beneath Mars’ surface.