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A Portrait of power- what can’t be washed: Kim Kardashian {$M} – Limited Edition of 10 Dıgıtal Collage by Leni Smoragdova

Original Created:2017

Materials: Paper, Plastic, Metal

‘A PORTRAIT OF POWER- WHAT CAN’T BE WASHED ’ from 2014-2017 Prolong the Transaction ideas. We are all essentially hidden faces. Psychological portraits of people, political and public figures or events that are hidden from the public eye. “Cynicism has finally gone out of fashion, the cult of personality has turned to dust. The ideas of Beauty, the ideal personality, super personality became like caught mice with which the cat plays. “What cannot be hidden: these portraits make it possible to extract some sensations from the plane, the dead surface of modern life.” I mourn the loss of privacy. No theories: only life, and what is hidden behind it {$M}