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Paperboyo, an artist who sees everything differently

Transforming iconic landmarks into works of art.

Paperboyo’s layered photos bring an unexpected perspective to every location – a testament to the power of the imagination.

Paperboyo, an artist who sees everything differently

Paperboyo, real name Rich McCor, is a well-travelled creative with a passion for exploring new places and an incredible talent for reinterpreting the geometry of his surroundings.

His work features photos – often of well-known buildings – that include simple paper cut-outs to transform each one into something unexpected: The Arc de Triomphe in Paris becomes the lower half of a Lego man (how did we never see this?), while the Neon Museum in Las Vegas becomes an evocative, dynamic, and gorgeous Marilyn Monroe.

London-based Paperboyo spends most of his days painstakingly cutting out the paper silhouettes that feature in his work, before taking photos of them against different backdrops – constantly striving for the perfect angle. His photos are surprising, original, fun, and unpredictable; his fresh eye and sense of humour shine through each one.

His trademark “transformational photo” style evolved over time through trial and error, while inspiration comes from his habit of looking for shapes, patterns, and opportunities wherever he goes. Paperboyo’s playful art bears witness to the power of open-minded observation teamed with unlimited imagination – becoming an inspiration to all.

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