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    5 Reasons Busy Law Firms Need Legal Transcription
    Your law firm is busy, whether you’re going up against corporate goliaths to defend the rights of regular people or victims. Additionally, each chance you get today to increase productivity or save costs is a no-brainer. This is where legal transcription can be useful. You can continue to receive cases without compromising confidentiality or cost when you outsource your legal transcription services, including transcripts of interviews, hearings, and depositions. Five reasons why busy law companies need legal transcribing services are provided by our team.Your case information is secure and confidential at number one.The privacy of our clients is something that our transcription team and staff takes extremely seriously. We have stringent internal non-disclosure agreements in place, and we’re happy to sign client-specific contracts upon request. You can send your audio or video for transcription at https://transcriberry.com/verbatim-transcription-service/ using our password-protected file transfer system in a secure manner.Additionally, before beginning work for us, each of our transcriptionists must sign a Confidentiality Agreement, which is kept on file. A transcript is entirely erased from the transcriptionist’s computer after it has been finished and submitted. This is a contract between us and each individual transcriptionist that is enforceable in court. You can read more about our privacy and security practices here.#2. Easily Manage Your Files Using Transcription APIOur API clients receive the finest level of service and benefit from easy setup, triple security, and accuracy guarantees. Our business API solutions provide a quick and easy way to link your application with ours while also supporting your budget and timeframe.Use our API to integrate and stop manually uploading files. With the press of a button, audio is delivered straight to us, and transcripts are delivered in a similar manner. Your files are kept in a client-specific area, we give you the special URL, and you give us an endpoint to distribute the finished transcript.All of your files in one location.#3. Outsource to save cashConsidering bringing on a legal stenographer in-house? The expense of hiring a new full-time employee is substantial. All of that money, including pay, benefits, and everything else, really adds up.However, outsourcing reduces expenses. You’ll receive your files back fast, at a cost that doesn’t harm your bottom line, and with services ranging from transcribing to translation, editing to data entry, and even presentation preparation. This will free you up to take on the cases that your legal business needs to succeed.#4. Select the Format That Suits Your NeedsSince every project is unique, we offers six format with fully adjustable choices to help you come up with the ideal solution for your transcription job.Your requirements may change depending on the sort of audio you offer, from summaries to exact quotes. We can quickly assist you in deciding which format best suits your requirements.#5: Put Your Clients First, and We’ll Take Care of the TranscriptionWe are the transcribe experts, and you are the legal expert, therefore we work well as a team. We’ll get your files ready for court while you concentrate on your client’s requirements. You require the most precise and efficient human transcribing with high touch, quality assured results in as short as 24 to 48 hours, from document organization to developing searchable files for your arguments.