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“Tell me more, my love.
These words mean nothing, NOTHING,
Without you.

I know better then to presume that love is for me.
Keep smiling that cold, heartless smile.
It’s still a light in my sky.
I guess we both love in vain.

I would die if this was about pity. F–k pity.
F–k your pity.

Don’t sit there and F–king lie to me,
telling me you don’t love her anymore.
Don’t look me in the eyes and say it no longer hurts.
Don’t play me for a damned fool.
I might be damned,
but I’ve always seen right through you.

Don’t say you love me, with her name still on your F–king lips.”
-Adnarel, 2010

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  1. Stefan

    The artwork “Love and Hate” is a striking portrayal of contrasting emotions. The artist skillfully captures the intensity of these feelings. It would have been intriguing to see a depiction of love and hate intertwined within the context of a Slavic women’s wedding check, exploring the complexities of human emotions on their special day.


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