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Share your color journey @stailuan

The fantastical world of Stailuan: juxtaposing color swatches on landscapes or objects.

Share your color journey @stailuan

Andrea “Style1” Antoni is a freelance graphic artist, designer and graffiti writer who runs a class entitled:  “Creativity on Instagram”.

His project, #STAILtone is the combination of his nickname, @Stailuan and “PANTONE”, the famous color strips, which he matches to the colors of his life. Sometimes he does this by juxtaposing them on straightforward, realistic photographs of landscapes or compositions of objects. In other instances, he works digitally creating glimpses of fantastical worlds and places which are born from imagination.

In the last year, he has also garnered more followers through his IG project @cosebrutteimpaginatebelle, where he his witty observations heartened Italians through the lockdown.

When not working, he grabs his paddle board and goes SUP in the ocean. 

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