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Share your color journey

Check out @Stailuan’s beautiful kaleidoscopic creations and get inspired to make your own color swatch art. Entry close 30 June

Share your color journey

@Stailuan overlays his photographs of the world with bespoke color swatches, creating works of art that celebrate the colors all around us.

For this Creativity Challenge, we invite you to identify the color scheme in a real or imagined scene and add your own color swatch on top using our downloadable grid template.

Think in color as you draw or paint, use colored inks or photography to represent a scene that speaks to you. Whether you choose a sunset, cityscape or the inside of a cupboard, the key is to highlight the colors that capture your imagination.

What to do:

1. Take a photo, paint or draw a scene.

2. Download our grid template, cut out the rectangles, color with the selected palette, and place on top of the image. Alternatively, color the rectangles and draw or paint around them directly on the template.

3. Take a photo of your color swatch art and upload it on myMoleskine or post on Instagram with #myMoleskinestory #Moleskine #creativitychallenge

Download the template
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