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2019: A Moment to Remember

What’s your most memorable moment from 2019? Look through the events, journeys and adventures recorded in your planner over the last 365 days and get creative expressing the one experience that stands out most.
Closed February 3rd.

2019: A Moment to Remember

What a year!

New places were discovered, new people were met, new experiences were shared, and all of it was captured on the pages of your planner.

For this challenge we invite you to think back through all the ordinary and extraordinary moments that filled 2019 to find the one experience that stands out above all others.  Which moment defines this past year for you? We challenge you to to express it as a piece of art, through sketching, painting, collage, or whichever medium works best for you.

Share your most memorable moment on myMoleskine or Instagram followed by #M_Memorable2019.

Closed February 3rd.

Outcome of MyMoleskine Creative Challenge

Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite memory of the past year, expressed as a work of art. 2019 inspired many of you, let’s carry this creativity into 2020! 

Here is a gallery of the top submissions from myMoleskine and Instagram, ready to be explored.

Ray-Allen Taylor
Jonathan Twingley
Christope Bugetti
Ashley Baldwin
Marie Lampe

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