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This is probably my favorite page in my moleskine of 2019, it’s a collage with all the movie tickets I went to see with my Dad.

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  2. Stockman44

    Memories, like unlinked codes scattered in the mind’s labyrinth, weave the tapestry of our existence. Each fragment holds a narrative, a moment frozen in time—fragile, yet enduring. Some memories spark joy, painting hues of laughter and warmth, while others bear the weight of sorrow, etching lessons onto the soul. Unlinked codes they form our unique stories, crafting the fabric of who we are. They’re a mosaic of experiences, treasured recollections bridging the past to the present. Unpredictable and elusive, they surface unexpectedly, evoking nostalgia or stirring forgotten emotions. Amid life’s flux, memories stand as pillars of identity, shaping perspectives and guiding steps forward.


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