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To enter the Halloween 2017 Creativity Challenge simply upload your work on myMoleskine and tag it #M_Halloween17. Closed November 2017


With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to unleash the dark side of your creativity and join our Halloween Challenge!
Express the spookiest of nights in whichever art form you wish, on a Moleskine notebook, with a photo from your Halloween party, or a digital sketch made with your Smart Writing Set, and then share it on your myMoleskine wall… the place where imaginations meet!

To enter the Creativity Challenge simply upload your Halloween-themed work on myMoleskine and tag it #M_Halloween17.

We will choose one winner at random among the 3 most voted ones, and we’ll send him or her a box full of dark and spooky Moleskine items!

Take inspiration from the past Halloween challenges here and get started..
Use your creativity, surprise us and remember to have fun… Happy Halloween!

Entries closed on November 17th. The winner of this creativity challenge is GV from Italy


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