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Holey Moleskine.

Add simple visual interest to your Moleskine cover with industrial eyelets.

Hack description

1. Play around with an arrangement of industrial eyelets on the cover of a hardcover classic Moleskine. I put mine in a row between the elastic and the edge of the cover, but they could go anywhere.

2. Mark their positions with an opaque marker. If you're fussy, like me, use a ruler to make sure the eyelets are spaced evenly.

3. Drill holes sized for the eyelets. I used my trusty Dremel.

4. Set the eyelets in the holes using the appropriate eyelet setter and a hammer. 

5. BONUS: Lace a ribbon or cord through the eyelets. 

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I love how interesting this looks! is there a specific use for this for you?

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Thanks! I was just experimenting with this row of eyelets, but I would now like to try another eyelet design with some sort of cord or ribbon laced through it.

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Holey Moleskine.