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I’m gone delete my Facebook when I leave for Ohio ! I’m gone go to school & stay focus no matter what . I’m gone try my best to get done before I’m 18 . I’m gone try to get my driver license . And a car before my next birthday. I’m gone try my best and everything I’m working towards this year . I’m not gone let nobody bring me done or get me off track . I Morrisa want to become a better person . Make my mom proud . Go to college. Have a good job . Be a hard working women. Show everybody that I’m gone be somebody. And eventually find somebody that’s gone be for me ! I’m ready to start my life . And make a great path to walk down . I don’t want to struggle I want to live . And by writing this it makes it even more real . I can’t wait to see my change & process. And all I have is myself to make it happen . I’m gone get my certified nurses assistant license . I’m gone go to college when I moved back . I promise to read this every night ! I believe in change & a new future ???? – Created in Moleskine Journal



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