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I do not know why Moleskine makes the monthly tabs so small in the pocket planner.  I find that when I write things out using initials or short cuts I can't remember what I wrote.  So this last months, I started to do something different-  I write Horizontal, but have turned the book Veritcal.  So I turn the planner and write in that direction.   I can't change the boxes because it would effect the layout.  

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  1. LindaHane

    I think it is a very good idea to use the monthly tabs by writing sideways. I have seen people using a monthly calendar and they are always confused about what day of the month it is. Try this https://nextdayessays.com/ site to get best writing tips. They don’t know when they should enter the date or write down the appointments on the date. This problem can be solved by using a sideways monthly calendar, where you just need to write down your appointments as per their dates.


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