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1. Take thin ribbon or string (wide or thick ribbon string won't work as well)

2.. Divide your moley into 4-6 sections, cut ribbons

3. Cut a piece that will be easily loop between signatures and outside spine.

4. Take ribbon and loop between your first section, come round the back of the moley and tie it TIGHTLY at top of your book.

5. Continue until all your sections are tied.

6. You can leave long ribbons dangling and attach things to them or cut them off.

See it demo'd here:


Thanks for sharing all your wonderful Moley Hacks out there people!

PS in case you were wondering: I found that dear old beloved Gesso works well as an 'ink' for stamping on the Moley cover: just make sure to wash it off your stamp IMMEDIATELY after stamping, otherwise it will stick like glue (which of course it is). I used a bamboo skewer and toothbrush to get into the nerdly bits of the stamp to clean it.

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