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A real Moleskine diary (Panoramic Weekly slim size) becames a tiny pocket-size wallet to be inserted in your jacket, in your bag or inside your large Moleskine notebook.

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  1. helin

    What an ingenious idea to transform a Moleskine into a functional wallet! I love how you’ve repurposed the core structure of the notebook to create pockets and space for cards, bills, coins etc. It’s amazing how slim and compact it is considering how much it can hold.

    The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Customizing it with your own fabric and trim is a nice touch too. I may have to try making one of these myself with an old Moleskine I have lying around!

    This would be perfect for when I don’t want to carry a full-sized purse and just need the basics with me. Slipping it inside a larger Moleskine to keep everything together in my bag is brilliant.

  2. Stockman44

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