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  1. Jay Butros

    …worst description I’ve never read.

    Do I need you to do this? …hack a folio so it holds an iPad?

    What do I do with my amazing iPad Smart Case and Cover?

    Does the Moleskine become better than these products?

    I think I’ll carry a folio with my iPad.

    Also, pretty amazing you stated they could be used separately, now that’s an idea.

  2. David Kievet Post author

    Jay you obviously don’t have the talent to be able to comprehend the obvious so maybe further clarification is required. I know in your world things operate differently and that must be a wonderful place to be, however in my world, I am running from meeting to meeting and although the iPad is a wonderful device, Steve Jobs disdain for the stylist has rendered it grossly inefficient for note taking. As such I keep my journal and notes in a Moleskine as it is the only journal that I have found to be able to take the daily abuse of a grueling schedule that can cover all four time zones in a week and keep from falling apart. Having the iPad has helped in keeping my schedule up to date and tracking my GTD log. It has become an essential part of my daily routine however, and I am sure that I am the only one out there, I need both of these plus my computer to keep up with my daily business life. Having one slim folio to combine the iPad and the Moleskine would be beneficial to me. I would like to be able to open up and be able to see my handwritten notes as I enter my appointments and tasks into my iPad. Being able to just open it only to my Moleskine would be beneficial while I am in meetings. When I am sitting on the train, plane or elsewhere, just being able to open to my iPad wold be beneficial. My design would allow that.

    Current Moleskine design at combining these items requires you to use a reporters pad. Supply is limited on these pads and you can only write on one side of the page.

    Being able to use both of these items separately or together is Amazing Jay. I am sorry for your inability to grasp the concept.

  3. Tim Fulford

    I use my ipad and Mokeskine(s) all day everyday. I am also a designer. From my point of view I want to have one thing to carry and access to different media. Many iPad cases assume that you are using just the iPad which is a fair assumption, covers of the Moleskine assume that you will be using just the notebook. Combining the two into one item leads to a cumbersome and often unusable item.Ipad cases which should hold the iPad securely often do so well that trying to remove them or charge them becomes very very difficult.
    What the designer of this item is trying to achieve is a single item which can easily be made separate as well.
    The problem that they have had has been trying to communicate their concept. This is a classic example of where a good picture is worth a 1000 words.
    I have been looking for many years for the ultimate case for my Moleskine and Ipad, Im not saying I have found it here but I have at least found someone who has identified the same problem.

  4. Anonymous

    Your pretty much a jerk. Almost every hacker idea I click on you leave a rude/mean comment. Seriously man, people are sharing their ideas which I think are pretty cool. I do not think you have anything better to do than rip on people.
    I really like this hack.


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