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Tuning up her guitar and amplifier for her first-ever surprise subway show for an unsuspecting audience, KEY 7 weekend news anchor Lauren Peters, a beautiful young woman, gets ready to reveal for her loyal and (perhaps) new viewers another side of her personality not seen before and/or often discouraged from being shown: a generous helping of her voluminous natural hair with a side of an uncanny talent for writing and singing her own songs set to her own music

Created and developed on my train rides, lunches, and work breaks overnight
Finished on my second work break at 4:40 AM, Thursday, June 22, 2017

Prismacolor Premier Verithin, Crayola, Derwent, and Progresso colored pencils; #2 pencil, Derwent grade HB soft graphite pencil, Bic ballpoint pen, Paper-Mate ballpoint pen, Super Sharpie permanent marker
6″ x 8″

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