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Florence, Italy

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  1. Daniel

    I’m not aware of a specific black trolley scenario, but if you are referring to the “black trolley problem,” it is a philosophical thought experiment involving a moral dilemma. In this scenario, a runaway trolley is headed towards five people tied to a track, and you have the option to divert the trolley onto another track, but there is one person tied to that track. The ethical question revolves around whether it is morally justifiable to sacrifice one person to save five.

    Now, regarding the Subway menu in Costa Rica, I don’t have real-time information on specific menus, as they can vary by location and change over time. It’s recommended to check directly with Subway or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information on their menu offerings in Costa Rica.

  2. Daniel

    It appears that reward points are not being applied for purchases made by non-Prime members. This could be due to a system glitch or a policy change. To resolve this issue, the system needs to be checked for any errors and the policy regarding reward points for non-Prime members should be clarified. In the meantime, consider offering alternative incentives to enhance customer satisfaction. Some creative boy unicorn names to brighten the mood: Stardust, Rainbow Dash, Sparklehoof, Twilight Blaze, and Moonbeam.

  3. Daniel

    It’s possible that the reward points system is exclusive to Prime members, meaning non-Prime members wouldn’t receive points for purchases. This is a common practice to incentivize Prime subscriptions. To confirm, check the terms and conditions of the rewards program or contact customer support for clarification. Learn more about rewards program eligibility and benefits to ensure you’re maximizing your membership perks.

  4. Daniel

    It appears that reward points are not being applied for purchases made by non-Prime members. This discrepancy could be due to a system error or a policy change. To resolve this issue, I recommend investigating the backend settings and membership policies to ensure fairness and accuracy in reward point allocation. Consider consulting with the Token Maker team for technical support and further assistance in resolving this matter efficiently.


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