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Style and type
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  1. Michelle

    How did you know that me and my sister had those hairstyle in the childhood?))) 😀 We had veeeeeeeeeeeery similar hairstyles lol. We didnt allow to mom to brush us. I feel sorry now for my mom)) But problem with hair left until now. need to do smth with my hair. Lol

  2. Jessi

    As I think you have dry hair. I would recommend visiting a hairdresser and cutting all dry ends. Even if need to cut a lot. Because hair becomes dry from the end of it. And as more you have dry ends, then more your hair will become dry up. Healthy hair are rising from the head. So if you would like to have beautiful and shiny hair, should cut all bad hair(( But don’t need to be sad. There are a lot of ideas for short haircuts. For example taper fade haircuts, can see some of them at https://glaminati.com/taper-fade-haircuts-women/ . It looks so trendy and you will save alive and good hair. Then just treat them well and in some years you will have a beautiful long hair. Best wishes to you and to your sister!


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