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A sight of the Mount Sant’Angelo in Terracina, Italy. On the right side, there’s the rock of Pisco Montano; on the top of the mountain, the Temple of Jupiter Anxur, built during the Roman Age (3rd century B.C.)

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  1. AnaDare

    Mount Sant’Angelo is a mountain in the Province of Latina, Lazio, central Italy. It is dedicated to Saint Angelo (St. John the Evangelist), whose remains are said to be buried on the mountain. It is one of several peaks in the Abruzzo region known as Monte Sannio. The mountain is situated in the grounds of the Villa d’Este near Cerveteri.The remains of an ancient chapel dedicated to the god Jupiter Anxur have been found on Mount Sant’Angelo. The temple was built around 1000 BC and dedicated to Jupiter, protector of sailors and travelers, as well as god of boundaries and fertility. The ancient sources mention it as one of three temples located on Mount Sannio. Well, now I would like to visit GamblingORB Deutschland source in order to gamble online to earn money through it, I would also like to play some casino games there.


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