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Marcus Aurelius Quotes About Life, Death and Stoicism

Quotes from Marcus Aurelius on life, death and stocism. One of the most famous Roman emperors and the author of Meditations.

The last of the so-called “five good emperors,” Marcus Aurelius kept the Roman Empire safe from the Parthians and Germans between the years 161-180.

One of the most respected Roman emperors, Marcus Aurelius is best remembered for his rule driven by reason and his intellectual interest in Stoicism – a philosophy of personal ethics informed by its system of logic.

In brief, Stoicism teaches us that by self-restraint, people can develop clear judgment and inner calm. It also emphasizes the fact that the path to happiness is accepting the present moment as it is.

Influenced by Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius has written one of the greatest works of philosophy – Meditations. This series of personal writings consists of 12 books and is filled with personal notes and ideas on Stoicism.

The death of Marcus Aurelius is considered to be the end of Pax Romana, and eventually the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
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