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As a kid, I grew up loving the giant monster movies, especially the Godzilla flicks. To me, they were very real and very alive. On weekends traveling to Johnstown, PA to visit my grandparents, I fully expected to see Godzilla or any of his massive foes appear from behind the big green hills and mountains along either side of the road as I looked out the window of our brown stationwagon. Eventually I grew up and came to terms with the reality that Godzilla was just a guy in a big rubber suit, but as an adult I can appreciate these films in a whole new light. There was a lot of art and design put into many of those big rubber costumes, much of it very intricate with well thought out colors, textures, shapes and forms. Many of these films ( known as daikaiju) were very humorous as well, whether intended or not. As for Godzilla, I learned a lot from this jolly green giant. He taught me to take crap from nobody, to stand up for what’s right and true, despite popular opinion or belief, and to always fight for the little guy. In the drawing here, Godzilla is taking a stand against pollution and disrespect to the environment, from the film Godzilla versus Hedorah (or Godzilla versus the Smog Monster, 1971). Yep, the big green one was greener than you thought, and way ahead of his time, and yes, he can easily squash Chuck Norris like a tiny little grape.

*watercolors and Pigma Micron pen in A4 watercolor Moleskine, 7/2010, made for the Illustration Friday topic, “giant”

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  1. ttterhh

    That’s a fantastic personal journey with Godzilla! It’s amazing how those childhood fantasies can evolve into a deeper appreciation for the art and messages in these films cruella costume. Godzilla truly has a timeless impact, and your artwork reflects that beautifully. Thanks for sharing your connection with the King of the Monsters!


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