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i missed the faint robotic buzzing
in the muddle of dark fangs
was gale and glass clanking

erratic blinds, but not from the wind
i turned on the lamp and it escaped
right into the thinly veiled mesh of the balcony door

its elongated fuselage thudded
against the off-grey shutter
it loved the fizzing static

butting it in stubborn exoticism
my torso reflecting the pounding pulse
it was fuchsia-faced with teary eyes

vulnerable wings like fleeting forest-leaves
mottled by the yeast of beer in the cellar
i switched off the light

the pedestrian in the pathway grappled with
a shoelace, the wings leaned into the dark
it flung its post-reptilian body toward the

the moveless glass
the dragonfly fumbled between shades to the sill
the air and the heat lay still after that


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