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WPAP is an abbreviation of Wedha’s Pop Art Potrait which has an explanation of a modern pop art style. WPAP was formerly named FMB (Photo of Marak with Box). Technically, WPAP has certain characteristics in depicting objects, where in WPAP you will find boxes that are checkered and filled with colors between fields without losing the character of the object or the model being drawn. In WPAP you certainly will not find curved areas, that’s why WPAP has certain characteristics that make WPAP unique in terms of manufacturing techniques.

Basically, the main purpose of WPAP is to present a normal face in general, with a new and different style that has many colors, but can still be easily recognized. Very different here means to be more unique, more dynamic, more striking and of course, more fun to look at, hopefully. You can see the reference here auburncornfest.org.

With this in mind, the WPAP creative process refers to two main processes; the process of making facets and the coloring process. Both processes can be carried out simultaneously when creating a new portrait image.



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