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This collection of artpieces is a meditative reflection on the decay of humble materials. It is a discourse on the deconstruction of organic complex conglomerations that surround us. The human hand of the artist brings together disparate materials. The mind directs the collection and placement of layers of nuance.
Is the devolution of matter pre-destined according to the laws of physics and cause-and-effect? Are quantum equations involved in the parameters of composition? The random progression of materialic transformation is happening outside our scope of cognition, while we go about the trivia of our lives unaware of imperceptible variations that are thrust forward by the passage of time.
But inertia works always against the combustible, microscopic interaction of deeper levels of materials. A gigantic avalanche of chain events from the very genesis of the universe has led to this moment of artistic expression?
Are we slaves to materiality and tangible chemical processes? Are we bound by the stochastic lattice of spider-webs that are woven in our very background, either visible or unknown to us?
Or, are we the lords of change, commanding officers steering confidently on shifting waters and fluid currents? What is the endgame, and is there one?

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