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Design is a person. An individual. Design has a past, a present and a future. It is person who never stops feeding the world with endless waves of creativity. It opens various doors, different paths, and creates new opportunities. Design allows us to dream bigger, to climb up the pyramid of success. It is a partner, in life, a loyal bond who saves you from getting lost. It is a force you can hold on to, a passion you can rely on. Because yes, design is passionate. And with that passion, it creates diversity. It creates freedom. It creates homes, and can paint entire cities. Design is therefore all, as well as being one. It is a collaboration and an association of powerfully different wired brains, of hidden geniuses who find solutions to our problems. It gets influenced by everyday life, by you. It surrounds us. Logos, typefaces, posters, shapes, colors – messages. Messages that are never left unheard. It gets inspired, everyday, to shape and reshape our world, to change the multiple faces of the near future. It evolves, innovates, deconstructs, reconstructs. It is timeless and limitless. And it never fades, never gives up. It never dies.

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