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Random kawaii-like food doodles.
Sketched and inked on moleskine, then colored on photoshop.

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  1. charlismith

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  2. charlismith

    Prepping for air frying involves two key elements: a touch of oil and a gentle brush. These simple steps are the foundation for achieving delicious results. Applying a light coating of oil to your ingredients not only enhances flavor but also helps achieve that perfect, golden crispiness. It’s important to choose the right oil, like olive or avocado oil, for a subtle, complementary taste. Click here to visit our website varmluftsfritös

    Equally important is the gentle brush that ensures even distribution. This step is where precision matters, as it prevents excess oil, which can lead to sogginess. When combined, oil and a light brush work in harmony to give your air-fried delights that irresistible texture and taste. So, before you hit that start button, remember that this small effort can make a big difference in your culinary creations.

  3. SEO

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