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The key to my heart, started in 2005 with collecting handwritten love letters and an investigation for “The lost romantic of the written word”.

I started this collection with the simple question “Do you have love letters?”

The first love letters were from my grandparents during the 1940’s (Second World War). Begin 2014, I collected also a very rare love letter from my grandfather his mother written in 1899 to his father. In the image all the letters are together with notes & sketches in my plain Moleskine notebook about the project.

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  1. Hemaggar

    I found this very interesting.

    I have a collection of handwritten love letters written nearly 100 years ago. these letters were written by very young married teenagers. A few months after their arranged marriage they were separated for almost eight years, due to his further studies (he only visited home on holidays).

    He was 18 years old and in engineering college and she was 13 years with only 3rd grade of formal education but self-taught enough to read and write.

    During their 8 years of separation nearly 700 letters were exchanged. Out of which I have more than 460 letters!

    These letters reveal many aspects of their lives including agonizing pain of their separation, family politics, social conditions of that era, social taboos, social do’s and don’ts, political conditions, strict rules and regulations in young lives, fear, pain, dependence, suppressed desirers and much more. But, the most fascinating element, among all these turmoil is that these letters became the lifeline for these two teenagers and proved to be their true inner strength. They shared their joy and sorrow through these letters, their genuine long distance love, and understanding for each other at a tender age. Their love for each other flourished, deepened and matured. He became her teacher while she took a role of his guiding light and thus creating an unbreakable bond between young husband and wife.

    This may be the only set of love letters written by same couple in the world! I have not heard of any other love letters of this quantity. If anyone else have please write to me at hemuaggarwal@juno.com


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