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Missy Dunaway

Missy Dunaway's creations tell an intimate, delicate yet powerful story of herself and of the world. "The Traveling Artist: A Visual Journal" (G. Editions, 2021) is her debut book.

Missy Dunaway

Missy Dunaway is an artist and illustrator who with every creation tells an intimate, delicate yet powerful story, of herself and of the world.

Missy’s favorite medium is acrylic-ink, a pigment ink medium with acrylic resin to improve color permanence and thicken texture. A versatile substance, acrylic-ink can be diluted with water to create translucent washes or applied heavily for opaque color.

In 2013 Missy was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to research Anatolian textiles and her travel journal was born. She lived in Istanbul for a year, where she explored Turkey and captured its uniqueness through her sensitive point of view in a series of Moleskine sketchbooks. Over the years her travels have taken her to four continents thanks to artist-in-residence programs in destinations as far-flung as Finland, Vietnam, Morocco and of course her home, the United States.

Every journey is captured in a Moleskine sketchbook, one of her favorite canvases. Inevitably, Missy has created an impressive body of work which is as universal as it is personal and 80 of her favorite pieces have been collected in her debut book, The Traveling Artist: A Visual Journal (G Editions, 2021).

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