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Enjoy your own Sakura moment

Sakura is celebrated in Japanese culture as a symbol of both rebirth and the fragile beauty of life. We invite you to interpret the theme of renewal, taking inspiration from sakura blossoms.
Entries close 9 April

Enjoy your own Sakura moment

For this challenge, we’re drawing inspiration from Japan’s famous cherry tree blossom season. This stunning natural occurence has been celebrated over the centuries throughout Japanese literature and art, and is still enjoyed today as a symbol of rebirth and the inexorable yet beautiful essence of life.

We invite you to reawaken your own creativity and interpret the theme of renewal in you own personal artistic way in your Moleskine notebook: paint, draw, write a haiku, sketch, create a collage or take a photo.

How to take part

1. Create an artwork that represents the theme of renewal – either a sketch, a painting, a haiku, or a more abstract depiction using objects, photos, collage, words or whatever inspires you.

2. Take a photo and upload on myMoleskine or post on Instagram with #myMoleskineStory #Moleskine

Entries close 9 April

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