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Nina Cosford, an artist who sees the unique side of everything

Bringing to life the female narrative in an honest and playful way through her illustrations.

Nina Cosford’s artwork encapsulates her everyday thoughts and observations based on the people she meets and the places she goes.

Nina Cosford, an artist who sees the unique side of everything

Based in Hastings UK, Nina Cosford is a freelance illustrator whose journey of inspiration is influenced by people and travel.

Her illustrations focus on female narrative and the daily documentation of people and places, which encapsulates playful and honest depictions of her everyday thoughts and observations.

Her work became particularly well-known after she collaborated with Lena Dunham and HBO on the award-winning TV show GIRLS, which sparked a huge interest in the girl-centric zeitgeist of today.

She has an international following of loyal fans that are drawn to her expressive and painterly style, as she draws her way around the world, recording people, places and cultures.

Her work is energetic, bright and instantly recognizable by the vigorous use of pencil line and brush markers as she often uses humour and character to connect to a wide audience and to inspire the masses.

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