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Exploring Creativity with Skillshare

We’ve teamed up with Skillshare to take your creative projects to the next level. Check out the online learning community and discover essential creative advice from Moleskine Studio Collection artists.

Exploring Creativity with Skillshare

Exploring creativity with Skillshare, in partnership with Moleskine and featuring Studio Collection.

Moleskine is passionate about empowering all your creative endeavours, giving you the space you need to sketch, write, plan, think and play on the page and beyond. Likewise, Skillshare is all about helping individuals take the next step in their creative journey – providing thousands of online classes for creative and curious people.

The partnership was cemented by the inspired and inspiring Moleskine Studio Collection. Each notebook in the collection features artwork by a different international artist. Skillshare provides a platform for some of these talented individuals to impart their top tips for living your most creative life.

The first interview is with Olimpia Zagnoli and is available now on Skillshare. Olimpia’s advice is as colorful and fresh as her art, bursting with concise insights into staying inspired and boosting creativity. She talks about the path which brought her to where she is now, sharing the pointers she’s received during her own creative career. 

The second interview, now available on Skillshare, is with Studio Artist, Yukai Du. Yukai gives some fascinating insights into the people and places that inspire her, her method of selecting colors, and how she works around a creative block. She also shares some key lessons on staying true to your personal vision and finding your own path.

The third interview is with Dinara Mirtalipova and is available to read now on Skillshare. Dinara explains the learning journey that allowed her to grow the skills she needed to become a designer and illustrator. She talks about the importance of self-care, as well as outlining her relationship with inspiration, and giving some fascinating advice about the importance of expanding your creative comfort zone.

As part of the partnership, Skillshare – a subscription-based service – is offering a special 2-month free trial subscription to all myMoleskine users!

Find your creative space with Moleskine Studio Collection and Skillshare.

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