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Ideas Made to Share

What is your idea of creativity? Open your Moleskine notebook to your favorite page, the page that holds your best idea and share on myMoleskine or Instagram followed by #M_ShareIdeas.
Closed December 2019.

Ideas Made to Share

For this challenge we want you to upload a photo of your Moleskine notebook, opened on your favourite page, the one that and depicts your idea of creativity followed by #M_ShareIdeas.

How do you use your Moleskine notebook in expressing your creativity?

Whether we use it to jot down your ideas, to compose verses, to sketch your vision or to structure your time creatively, our notebooks become an extension of ourselves.

Sharing ideas, growing and developing them together helps us refine our understanding of creativity. Therefore, for this challenge we want to see your most creative ideas captured in your Moleskine notebook, share on myMoleskine or Instagram followed by #M_ShareIdeas.

Closed December 2019.

Outcome of myMoleskine Creativity Challenge

Thank you to everyone who shared their idea of what creativity means to them, it was a truly insightful challenge

Here is a gallery of the top submissions from myMoleskine and Instagram, ready to be explored.

Discover their creations:
Adina Tudor
Adam Hackländer
Andrea Gammino
James D.Williams
Elisa Klinkenberg

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