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Denim Pockets for thoughts

Where best to keep your thoughts and ideas always with you than your favorite denim pockets?
Enter the creativity challenge by using the tag #M_Denim - entries close on 23rd October

Denim Pockets for thoughts

Where best to keep your thoughts and ideas always with you than your denim pockets?

Let’s welcome together our new Limited Edition Notebook Collection inspired by a fabric with a unique story: denim.

To enter this Creativity Challenge, show us your notebooks in your jeans pocket: whether they are open, close, new or over used, planners or sketchbooks, – let’s celebrate the importance of keeping a white page ready to be written always in your pocket!

Get inspired by this historic and fascinating fabric: denim represents a lifestyle choice: comfort over conformity, exploration, adventure and self expression.

You can fit your favorite notebook in the front pocket of your denim jacket, or the back pocket of your scruffy shorts or in the belly pocket of your denim onesie! Show us where you keep your Moleskine notebook, and upload the photo to your myMoleskine profile using the tag #M_Denim. 

If your upload is the best among the 3 most voted ones, we’ll send you a box full of Moleskine goodies, including a one of the four brand new Denim Limited Edition Collection.
Votes closed onOctober 23rd the winner of this creativity challenge is Dumitru Muntean with Blue Jeans Black Notebook 

Dumitru Moleskine

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