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Author of the Month May 2017

Vote your favorite author between the three finalists and help us pick the Author of the Month by 30th June 2017.

Author of the Month May 2017

myMoleskine is about giving a voice to Moleskine artists worldwide and with the activity An Author A Month we celebrate the work of the month’s most popular myMoleskine artist.

It’s simple: we pick the top three authors of the past month with the most uploaded artworks and we let you decide the best by voting your favorite below.
The winner’s chosen work is celebrated with a custom made Bookmark or notebook Sleeve MSK Template, free to download on myMoleskine in our templates section.

These months finalists are:
Juanjo Gaspar from Spain
Roberto Reyes from Mexico
Sadamu Asami from Japan

Votes closed on 30th June for the Author of the Month of May 2017.

The winner of this edition of the Author of the month is Juanjo Gaspar, you can download the sleeve and bookmark templates dedicated to his artwork in our Author a Month templates section.

After you voted it’s time to get creative, because you could be the next author of the month! Don’t miss out and upload your best artworks for a chance to be featured next month.

Please note that you can only vote once. After you voted you will no longer see the “vote now” button. Votes are processed every day so don’t worry if you don’t see the number of the overall votes immediately growing, it might take some time for it to update.

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Vote your favourite author

Please login to vote for the author of the month and remember to upload your artworks… you could be next!


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