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My Analog Cloud

Join our #myAnalogCloud Creativity Challenge, submit your entry by 26 April 2017 and share with us your Analog Cloud identity.

My Analog Cloud

My Analog Cloud
What does your bag say about you?
Created with their contents in mind, the Moleskine ID Bags are also defined by the unique personality and identity of their owners.

The tools we carry with us are intrinsically linked to who we are and our Creativity Challenge gives you the chance to learn more about yourself and your personality by analyzing the objects you choose to bring with you every day. How? Have a go at My Analog Cloud: the online game that plays with a selection of objects, values and containers to generate personal profiles based on each user’s choices.

To enter our Creativity Challenge, upload the profile you obtained while playing the #myAnalogCloud game on myMoleskine using the tag #myAnalogCloud or if you feel more creative, show us what’s in your bag in a photo or a sketch telling us your #myAnalogCloud profile in the title of your picture.

See some examples below made by lifestyle blogger Samantha Wong and photographer and videomaker Steve Booker as part of our Moleskine ID Bags Campaign.
We will choose the best entry among the three most voted ones, and the winner will receive a box of Moleskine goodies to celebrate his or her personality.
Entries close on 26th April 2017, only one entry per author, artworks submitted for previous creativity challenges will be discarded.




Entries closed on 26th April 2017. The winner of the my Analog Cloud Creativity Challenge is Gabriela Dima. Congratulations!


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