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Show off your record collection

Celebrating the launch of Moleskine Blue Note Records Collection with a new Creativity Challenge dedicated to your love for music.
Expired on October 5th, 2016; scroll to see the entries.


Show off your record collection

Show off your music collection!

It is no secret that we have a sweet spot for music.

Where words fall short, music often speaks. Many masterpieces of our time live on the tape, and most of them were born on the paper long before the “record” button was pressed.
This week, we’re celebrating the launch of our Blue Note Records Collection with a new Creativity Challenge dedicated to your love for music.

Download and print the Moleskine record organizer from the Workshops section and use it to snap a picture of your record collection.

It can be anything, from your vinyl shelf all the way to your mp3 library! Just be creative, and make sure to tag your image with #M_myMusic. 

If your image is the best among the three most voted ones, we’ll send you a cornucopia of Moleskine goodies, including a Blue Note Records Limited Edition notebook.

Expired on October 5th. The winner of this Creativity Challenge is Hannah Z

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