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New 2014, new schedule method.
Everything has been effective and properly managed up to now.

Style and type
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  1. Profile photo of YEN ZEN
    YEN ZEN Post author

    I created the template from scratch using Photoshop. I don’t mind sharing if you can fit the way I designed (no day mark, so a bit hard to indicate certain date as certain day unless you make markers). Do leave me your e-mail so I can send the .psd file to you.

  2. Profile photo of Gabriel

    Could you go to my profile and follow one of the links (either Facebook or my website? There you can contact me. It’s just to avoid posting my email here. I’d really appreciate to have that template. I tried some googling, but I didn’t found anything similar. 🙂 It’s so original and useful! Thank you so much in advance!

  3. Profile photo of Gabriel

    Thank you so much. Just one doubt: I opened it (with Quicktime, the only program that accepted this kind of file) and I saw a November template. Is there any program other than Photoshop to edit this file?

    As for the access to profiles, I also noticed it. I couldn’t access other profiles. Thank you so much for finally sharing it with me!

  4. Profile photo of

    Hey Raven,

    This is such a dynamic way to organise the month; it also got me thinking about doing the same for hours in the day, like a clock – your template makes it so obvious! So clever.

    If you’re still emailing this to people, I’d also love the template [I’m at hels.dunleavy@gmail.com]. If not that’s cool too; either way, it’d be great to hear an update on whether your still using this, or if you’ve been changing your system 🙂


  5. Profile photo of Nick

    Attn: all you people who requested Raven email you the PSD file,

    All you have to do is scroll up, READ her last comments, and click on the link to download. I did. It was easy, and required no work on their part. Make a little effort and you can save the artist a lot of time 😉


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