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Alexia Georghiou

United States
Member since 2020
    Alexia posted an update
    Renewal With Every Moment: Alexia's Japanese Cherry Blossom: Our Season of Renewal Leaving 2020 Behind, Blossoming to BE in Kairos where time remains momentous! https://mintable.app/art/item/Renewal-With-Every-Moment-BE-with-my-ART-to-Learn-to-BE/1utZr1-40vKJBDA 15945AED-2162-4AA7-A9F6-150AF046C343
    Alexia posted an update
    BE with my ART to Learn to BE Find calm BE https://mintable.app/art/item/Chaos--Finding-Peace-in-the-Midst/8raEyHQgzCxfowp 92F0C87F-30AC-49F5-8982-4958CD551DA5
    Alexia posted an update
    Enlighten Your Soul & Pour Out onto others! https://mintable.app/art/item/Enlighten-Your-Soul-Pour-Out/ihxdsziWOOyW5de 7EE76843-AC0C-4E19-8AC9-94CCE805AE7E
    Alexia posted an update
    Dance with the Peacock in the Rain. BE yourself. Laugh. Repeat. https://mintable.app/art/item/Dancing-Peacock--Laughter-in-the-Rain/Dt172U9V-7xw1Io 6533B5B7-99C8-414C-9DEE-E37FB8CFF00D


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