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Ikea kitchen An Ikea kitchen is one of our favorite places on the shopping list. Each product comes with easy instructions and even easier installation, which is why we love them.  TOMUWN 2sreimoa HUNGAI, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons  With over a 25-year warranty and a wide price range, Ikea kitchens are an affordable and long-lasting solution for many people. Those who want to renovate, but simply are not able to allocate funds for custom-made furniture, often choose an Ikea kitchen.  Guidelines for choosing an Ikea kitchen If you have decided to order an Ikea kitchen in 2023, we will give you some guidelines and design ideas on how it could look. Of course, the company will create a 3D design for you, but it is not bad to have a preliminary view of the vision and how you want it to look.  It seems all you have to do is take the exact dimensions of your kitchen space and visit an Ikea store to request a blueprint. The preparation of a kitchen project by their associate is free. If you want to take the project, in electronic or paper form, this is done after paying the final flat rate.