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Good day readers! Today I want to talk about the game Gran Turismo 5 in a word GT5 is a video game, car simulator. Gran Turismo 5 is the fifth part of the game series Gran Turismo. I honestly have long played computer games, before I even knew and did not pay attention to this series of games, after running it, I realized that this is the top project, which developed the Japanese. Super graphics, thousands of cars, dozens of realistic tracks, a good soundtrack, a lot of modes, great physics, all this is in GT5. I did not like only the sound of the wheels, very sharp, and so the game is very exciting, impressive. Playing the game I realized that gt5 is the second world, but virtual. Many players play and earn money on GT5. There are many ways to earn. But I can only say about 3 known ways to make money on GT5:

Passing missions – yes, this kind of earning is not yet outdated. Some people can not pass some of the missions themselves or just do not have enough time to farm currency and ask for help from gamers. The second option is reselling keys – perhaps the most difficult, but the most profitable way of earning money for GTA. To get the profit, you need to buy a few keys to the game on the action, create your own website and then resell them only. The third option is to shoot a video about the game and just sell it too. I tell you all three ways are very difficult. Earn a normal amount using the GTA is extremely difficult, it is better to determine what exactly you want to do – to play or earn. I can tell you this article is dedicated to gamers who want to promote their character player to the top, and can not do it. Some users play all day long, but in the end they can't get ahead of the game or earn anything. There are many races scattered throughout GT5 that gamers can easily beat to make money fast. Money in GTA 5 is needed to build your own business and buy a house, you can even become a real millionaire if you invest correctly in the stock market . From my personal experience, I say that in the game GT5, you can use trickery. And it can be done with one click https://lfcarry.com/game-gold/buy-gta-v-online-money buy money from an external resource. Contributing a certain amount can raise the player's rating, as well as profitability. I thank the developers of this series of games, it is a very great game.