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When you're thinking about a chess sets purchase, things couldn't seem simpler. All you need are pieces and a board, and you can start playing. It's not that simple! When you buy a chess pieces and board, there are all kinds of factors that you'll want to take into account. There are lots of choices – it pays to go into a chess set purchase with good information.
Ask yourself: why do you want a chess set?
Is it to look good on your coffee table in front of the fireplace, to be admired and never used? Do you want a travel chess set that you'll use a lot, and that will take punishment? Are you looking for chess pieces and a chess board to pass down to your children? These sets come in many different styles – think ahead about the style that meets your needs.
How much are you willing to pay?
Plastic sets and roll up chess boards travel well and are relatively inexpensive, but won't last long. A hand-carved board and pieces will require a considerable investment – and will be much more special. If you know why you're making a chess set purchase, then you'll be able to figure out how much you want to spend; spend as much as you can afford to get the best set to meet your needs.
Buying a Chess Set – It's All in the Details
When purchasing chess pieces, think about the size of the board. Match the sizes of your chess pieces and chess board carefully. Here's a guideline to use: the diameter of the base of the king should be 78% of the width of the squares on the board. Also, your pieces should have a certain weight to them, to make them easy to use yet unlikely to get jostled easily on the board. Plastic pieces with magnetic weights might be a wise choice if you travel frequently.
If the quality of the design of the pieces is important to you, then pay close attention to the king and to the knights. The knight is the most ornate piece on the board. If the knights are well designed, if there's a lot of close attention to fine detail, then you'll know that the design of all the pieces is excellent. Likewise, pay attention to the king's crown. The crown is the decorative flourish that sets the king apart from the other pieces. Makers of quality chess pieces take pride in a well-crafted crown.
There are as many different types of chess sets out there as there are reasons to purchase one! Whatever your reason, if you know what you're willing to pay, then you should be able to buy the set and buy the chess pieces that you will enjoy for many years to come. You can find the perfect hand-carved chess boards and pieces for you at reasonable prices in specialty gaming stores, and on the internet.
Anna is the owner of an online hobby and chess sets store. Take a look inside her site for more helpful tips and great offers of Special unique chess sets and themed chess sets.