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My Seventh Separation Anniversary from an erased Robert Bekeš occured September 23 2015. By January 8 2015 those whose termination, erasement and diminishment was paid on my behalf, including so-called friends from the neighbourhood and fitness, were finally buried as they really deserved. I am a long term loyalty buyer at Billa retail shop and ever since I became one, I always wanted to buy some Billa packaged food items for lactovo vegetarians such as tofu cheese. Therefore, I made a reservation at Zagreb’ Nishta Restaurant http://nishtarestaurant.com/ to dish on Fresh Vegetables Tofu Salad for my seventh separation anniversary. I drunk plain water which I know is boring but white wine did not fit this occasion due fact I did not want to combine taste of wine with tofu . It was very interesting coming to a conclusion that tofu cheese is completely unsuitably interpreted as a replacement for a cheese. I do not really understand why would those who do not possess a universified background from Food Science ever invent such a nonsense because cheese and tofu are both a part of a Lactovo Vegetarian lifestyle. I showcased my seventh separation anniversary with my role model from the girlhood to this day, the one, the only Cindy Crawford.