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Gemstones are some of the most coveted material possessions in the world. Here are some of the popular gemstones and the legends associated with them.

1. Ruby – In some cultures, the vivid red color of rubies has been likened to blood. Rubies are hailed as protectors of life forces. Wearing ruby helps with longevity and ensures good health and happiness.

2. Sapphire: The ancient Persians believed that the world was held up on a pedestal made up of chips of blue sapphire. According to a legend, the sunlight reflecting off the pedestal also gives the sky its blue color.

3. Emerald – This brilliant green gemstone is called the ‘Jewels of King’ and is celebrated as the May birthstone. Emerald is associated with the season of spring and is celebrated as the gemstone of rebirth, vitality, and youth.

4. Aquamarine – In Latin aqua means ‘water’ and marine means ‘sea’. Aquamarine is believed to have deep ties to the ocean. In ancient Rome, sailors used to wear aquamarine amulets to be protected from unknown waters.

5. Tourmaline – The ancient Egyptians believed that tourmaline’s rich color palette traces its roots back to when the gemstones emerged from the depths of the earth and passed through a rainbow.

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